Panda Microfibre is the smarter way to clean.
Remove dust, dirt and grime with JUST WATER!

Introducing our new innovation The Panda Microfibre

What inside the box?

Multi-purpose cloth

Super absorbent and quick drying. Absorb and lock water up to 200ml without dripping. 

Kitchen cloth

The soft texture design makes it suitable for removing oil, absorb liquid and drying ceramics without scratch. Stain on cloth can be washed off easily.

Glass/Window cloth

Clean glass or window surface with just water without leaving watermark

Dust/Powder cloth

Pick up and hold dust effectively

What makes Panda Microfibre so special?

GSM 350

Thick & durable


Removes 99% of bacteria without soap

80% Polyester 20% Polyamide

Made of a perfect blend of Microfibre with the highest quality


6 months Warranty

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Microfibre cleaning cloths works well for removing organic matter (dirt, oils, grease) as well as germs from surfaces. Microfibre’s cleaning ability is the result of two simple things: more surface area and positive charge. Our 6-month warranty assurance the cloth to perform its best with antibacterial agent that removes 99% bacteria with only water. Warranty is void if damage is done due to mishandling of the product. 

Microfibre cloths are environmentally friendly. They may reduce exposure to chemicals in the ECE environment and reduce poluution from cleaning chemicals. They are very durable and reusable. Microfibre cloths last longer than cotton; it can be washed up to 200 times before losing its effectiveness. They can use 95% less water and chemicals that cotton mops and cloths.

Panda microfibre is a blend of polyester and polyamide. Microfibre used for cleaning is called split Microfibre. When microfibre is split they are 200 times thinner than a single human hair. These split microfibres become much more absorbent. They can remove large quantities of microbes, including hard to kill spores. As you lightly wipe the surface, the microfibre attracts and draws up even the smallest particles of dust, trapping them in the fibres. Used wet the microfibres work together to give an excellent cleaning effect. Wet, wring and wipe away dirt and debris from all washable surfaces. For spot removing, spray water on the surface being cleaned. Panda microfibre is backed with an exceptional Warranty of 6 months or 500 washings.

Our antibacterial microfibre is one of the most innovative products in the industry! Panda has developed a unique technology that combines an antibacterial agent with our microfibre. The antibacterial agent is actually embedded inside the tiny microfibre. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth within the cloth.

Wash and dry microfibre separately from all other laundry. Because microfibre has a charge, it will attract dirt, hair and lint from other laundry. This will reduce the effectiveness of the microfibre.
Wash and dry microfibre separately from all other laundry. Because microfibre has a charge, it will attract dirt, hair and lint from other laundry. This will reduce the effectiveness of the microfibre.
Wash heavily soiled microfibre cloths and mop heads in warm or hot water with detergent. Lightly soiled cloths can be washed in cold, or even on the gentle cycle.
Do not use fabric softener! Fabric softeners contain oils that clog up microfibres. This makes them less effective during your next use.
Do not use bleach! This will shorten the life span of the microfibre.
Panda microfibre dries very fast, so plan on a short laundry cycle. You can also hang items up to dry.
Be sure to clean Panda microfibre cleaning cloths after every use. Use color-coded cloths for different areas of your facility, so you don’t transfer germs from one area to another.

The Panda cleaning system can be used most anywhere cleaning is required – home, office, vehicles, recreation equipment and even personal care.
Surfaces: Use microfiber for cleaning counters and stovetops. The tiny fibers pick up more dirt and food residue than most cloths. They can be used with a thirdparty certified all-purpose cleaner, or a disinfectant. Fold the cloth in half and then in half again to create eight surfaces.
Floors can be washed with microfiber mops. These mops are flat-surfaced and have easyto-remove microfiber heads. Microfiber mop heads are lightweight and much easier to wring out, which results in a cleaner floor with much less water left on the floor to dry. Charging bucket systems make it easier to change to a fresh mop head, reducing cross contamination.
Windows: With microfiber, only the cloth and water is necessary to clean and de-streak windows

Microfibre cloths may smell if the proper care instructions are not followed or if the water in your home or office is hard and high in mineral content. Only use environmentally friendly soaps without fillers when you are laundering to prevent the microfibre pores from being clogged and causing odor. If your cloths smell we recommend trying one of the following suggestions: washing them in hot water, soaking overnight in laundry detergent and washing in hot water, or boiling for 10 minutes to remove any build-up on the fibres.