Cleaning fans and ceiling dust without making a mess!

Introducing our new innovation...

What makes Panda Duster so special?

Attract and Hold Dust

It is designed with microfiber technology that naturally attracts dust as you wipe and keeps it within its fibres.

Extendable pole

No more climbing and risking your life. Our microscopic pole can be extended up to 1.6m length.


Our Microfiber Duster is equipped with anti-bacterial agent that removes 99% Bacteria on the fans & ceiling surface, create safer environment for your family.

Designed for Malaysia Fans

The loop diameter is 16cm which can fit all types of household fans in Malaysia

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Panda Duster



It is specially designed to attract and keep dust within its microfiber, therefore you can clean fans and ceiling without having to worry about spreading the dust all over the house.

Microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide. It is constructed in a blend of 80/20 ratio of polyester/polyamideams.

Almost any. It will work on tile, linoleum, glass, wood, ceramic, marble, granite, plastic, vinyl, leather, and many more

You can, but you don’t have to. Microfiber removes 98-99% of all dirt with just water as a detergent. Use your favorite cleanser if you want, but stay away from ones that contain bleach or other corrosive ingredients because they can ruin your microfiber.

Take off and separate the Microfiber and the Pole. Wash the Microfiber with warm soapy water and rinse well. The warm water opens up the fibers, allowing them to release the locked in dirt.  DO NOT USE fabric softeners of any kind as the chemicals clog the microfibers, making them less effective. DO NOT USE bleach either because it corrodes the fibers over time, making them less effective. DO NOT IRON

Yes. Panda Duster comes with One (1) year free warranty. Check out warranty page about the coverage.

Product Warranty

You can Whatsapp us at +601160842766 or email heypandahome@gmail.com. Our customer service will assist you.

The weigh is less than 800g

Yes. Panda Duster is made of aluminium which is proven to be anti-corrosion and rust. You can keep it anywhere whether in a bathroom or storage room without worrying about rust.

Please note that it is normal for the microfiber to becomes curly or less fluffy after washing. However it will not affect the function and effectiveness to perform its function. To overcome this matter, wash the microfiber with hot water and dry it with hair dryer. 


Wash with warm water and dry it under the sun but no more than 3 hours. Too much exposure to the Sun will damage the microfiber.